Winter 2020 Schedule

UPDATED 12/5/19



20/20/20: 20 minutes of each: Aerobics, Strength, Core/Stretch.

ABS, GLUTES, WEIGHTS, BANDS & BALLS: Nothing is off limits in this total body strength and conditioning class with a special focus on core muscles including the glutes (lumbo-pelvic hip complex). Every class will use a different mix of equipment to keep your body challenged and changing!

AEROBICS/STRENGTH: Get a great workout by mixing cardio in a traditional aerobics format and strength training using free weights and resistance bands.

BAR & PILATES SCULPT: A muscle conditioning class using the bar and all kinds of equipment. You never know what you will get.

BODY BURN: A muscular conditioning workout like no other! Using free-weights, stability balls, resistance bands, and just your own body weight, this class will tone & define your body. Burn calories, sculpt muscles, and "burn" your body into great shape!

CARDIO/CORE: This class will blend cardio moves to keep your heart pumping and a range of core exercises from basic to dynamic. Cardio and core are the fundamentals to any fitness routine.

CARDIO FUSION: Add some variety to your workouts with this exhilarating cardio adventure that is guaranteed to keep you moving and keep you guessing. Come every week for new and exciting formats!

GROUP CYCLE: Enjoy a high energy ride for a maximum cardio work-out! If it is your first class, please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to be fit to your bike. Bring a towel and water.

MIX IT UP: A moderate combination of strength, balance, and light cardio. Simple routines to promote functional fitness in everyday life.

MUSCLE MIX: A moderate workout of toning and strength for the entire body. Little boosts of cardio to get the heart rate going.

PILATES SCULPT: Strengthening while lengthening using pilates-inspired movements to tone and tighten your whole body.

STRAIGHT UP STRENGTH: A total body strength-focused class designed to build strength and stability.

TOTAL BODY BADASS: A class to strengthen your whole body! We will use hand weights, body weight and other equipment to tone your upper body, lower body, core and more!

YIN & YANG YOGA: This yoga class is a blend of yoga styles. Emphasis is placed on how the pose feels for you. If you can sit on the floor, this class can be useful for you. Bring a blanket that will serve as both a prop for challenging poses and a bit of warmth in the final resting pose.

YOGA: Working flexibility, balance, strength and mindfulness. This class will compliment your entire fitness program.

YOGALATIES: Taking all the wonderful things from yoga and adding the core work from Pilates training. The best of both worlds.

ZUMBA: Latin dance party designed for maximum fun! Come out and shake your booty.

Class times and formats may change to better suit our members' needs. Please be aware that we are open to suggestions on class times and styles. If you have a specific desire please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your requests. We will also occasionally offer specialty classes which members can add to their fitness routines. These may include nutrition groups, belly dancing, boot camps, reiki, angel readings, meditation, salsa, karate, boxing and dance just to name a few. These classes will come with an extra cost beyond our membership fees.